Kharbas Cave

January 22, 2019

Perhaps what always comes first to your mind once in Qeshm Island is its wonderful coasts and natural attractions. The island boasts a long history as well; a place where nature and history meet. The ancient Kharbas Cave, a couple of km from Qeshm, is a must-see natural-historic place for interested visitors.

The cave is along the fissures in Zagros mountain range and is perched in the middle of small and massive coral hills. Geologists believe that it dates as long ago as the Medes period.

As for the formation of the cave, 2 factors have played a role; with time, sea waters have subsided leading to labyrinthine mountains. Whirlwinds and sand removals from the cavities have also been effective to create this gorgeous scene.

You will explore the traces of old humans there. Their engraved works on walls will expose the adorable imagination of its old residents. Actually when humans discovered the place, they evolved it with their carvings and chiseling. On a land where hand works of human being are still a mystery there is  a lot to explore. Researchers think that the cave is a sanctuary for Anahita ( God of waters) worshipers. The myths on the development of the cave sound endless.

Get ready for an adventurous journey in the south of the country.   Your first look into the site might be discouraging! You might even regret your struggle to reach the place. But as soon as you go up the stair-shaped stones, you will be amazed; you will feel gentle cool breeze in the dark cave. You will be spelled by the magic maze land; and you will find it hard to stop watching while stepping inside. It is cool since there is often  water all year round.

You will see holes on the walls which present fantastic views of the nature around. Hiking is an irresistible activity here. Enjoy it!

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