September 13, 2018

Lying 54 km from Chalus, Kelardasht is a broad meadow within the Alborz mountain ranges. With neighboring Abbas Abad County along the Caspian Sea coasts, Kojoor, Taleghan, and Alamut Mountain, it seems a perfect option for north sightseers.

Although Kelardasht is more defined by its beautiful lake, called Valasht, it has much more to offer to keen tourists. Spread out within an extensive valley with wooden summer resorts and hamlets, it is known as “lost paradise”.

The existence of a plethora of peaks, over 4000 m high, has created a land of grandeur and splendor amid Kelardasht. The highest is Alamkuh, 4,845 m. Beneath the mountain lies the gorgeous village of Roodbarak with an abundant clear river and an array of chic villas to accommodate visitors.

With its temperate climate and considerable annual precipitation, it is a cool, and pleasant attraction to visit particularly in spring.  As it is surrounded by the often snow-capped mountains, it is cooler than other areas in Mazandaran Province. It is often relatively foggy and in wintertime it gets below 30 degrees Celsius so not recommended to visit in spite of intact charming landscapes on the road. The best time to go is in summer and spring.

The striking switchback road from Kelardasht to Abbas Abad makes for an enjoyable journey; the entire trail is crammed with many adorable scenes through the lush forests. There are cottages off the road to stop and explore the beauty, time permitting. Local dishes are also offered in eateries to complete ample pleasure for a memorable journey.

The unequalled road in Iran and perhaps in the world is so gorgeous that you will be drawn to hit it over and over again when in north.

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