Karun River

August 4, 2019

The longest river in Iran , 950 km, Karun offers a fascinating attraction to inside and outside visitors. Feeding the plain of Khuzestan, the river brings life to the cities and villages on its meandering way. The only river in Iran which connects the international body of waters and is mainly for shipping and import export.

Thanks to the flow of the greatest river, Elam, the ancient Pre-Iranian civilization was settled near the river. Ever since other civilizations have formed near Karun.The generous river now provides drinking water for terrifically warm, friendly Khuzestanis.

The old river, a shining gem for the Iranians, runs through imposing valleys and dense chestnut forests over the mountains. Many adorable landscapes will be found around Khuzestan.

If you are into camping, you should visit Park-e Laleh along the coast. Among other attractions of the river is the iconic Pol-e Sefid,  a suspension bridge  built in 1936 which was a pathway for pedestrians and carriages in the old days. The premiere suspension bridge is now only hit by cars and vehicles.

Not to be missed is a chain of falafel and samosa foodcourts around the city where you can get toothsome local sandwiches which seem to satisfy the taste buds of all tourists. A nice activity for Ahvazis is to have them near the bridge while enjoying the fantastically-illuminated bridge over the river.

Boating and white water rafting are other fun things for water sports lovers.

The attractive city of Ahvaz, center of Khuzestan, boasts world-class hotels and high-end restaurants.  Hotel Pars, among the rest, offers comfortable modern accommodation for tourists.

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