Kariz-e Kish, Kariz Underground City

September 13, 2018

An impressive underground city in the gorgeous Kish Island, Kariz receives packs of tourists from home and abroad throughout the year. The 2500 year-old city holds amazingly built qanats (subterranean canal) which supply the residents with fresh water. Encompassing an area of 10,000 square meters, it boasts exquisite, elegant handicrafts shops and a chain of fancy restaurants. It is also home to fascinating ancient Hammam (bathhouse) which you can see in the images above.

The qanat is not comparable with other canals or wells across the country, in terms of its length and height.

It was built in some advanced ways to direct underground water onto the surface; as the island was not so steep and it was important to provide the whole area with waters. Today, preserving its old texture, it has turned into a striking underground city to develop tourism industry and complete the allure and enchantment of the lovely popular island.

At a depth of 16 meters, the underground city holds ceilings adorned with fossils, shells, and corals; experts and archeologists estimate the spectacular city to be 270 to 570 million years old.

The earth in Kariz is said to be therapeutic in many ways; soil therapy is a special way to help treat some diseases; specifically skin diseases.

Luckily the ancient urban structure is blooming; residential suites, as well as commercial and recreational spots, in an area of 60,000 square meters are developed.

The favorite Kish Island, in the “Persian Gulf”, will soon host countless sightseers in a dreamy land; where you can witness intertwined modernity and tradition of the old country.

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