Karacal Desert

February 1, 2019

Wandering in deserts is progressively becoming a favorite recreation resort thanks to its superior fun qualities. 4-wheeled motorcyclists and safari lovers are fond of deserts. One-off exciting experiences can be plentiful here.

On your tours to Karakal Desert, you will experience an unequaled journey which will stick in your mind for good. Popular for its wildlife and charming scenery, the desert is named after a cat, a species known as black-eared. In the past, these cats were raised to hunt animals.

Desert travelers come from faraway places to enjoy the beauty and calm and forget all about the clamor and hustle and bustle of modern cities.

A getaway in the center, the sand wilderness links the arid brownish land to the limitless blue skies.

Fun things like camping and camel-riding are among entertaining activities to do here.

Staring at glorious, luminous night skies dotted with glowing stars and streaks of light from falling stars is quite nice too. You will enjoy your gaze in a peaceable land while drinking a cup of tea, the Iranians’ favorite beverage, made on open fire.

Artists will have floods of opportunities for  snapshots here.  

Rambling round the golden sand dunes is by all means a favorite thing to enjoy.

On your tour you will get to see some interesting places like the old house of Vahshi Bafghi, a Persian poet, with its eye-catching, admiring design. Also there is a finely-built reservoir, with a volume of 250 cubic meters, which is a worthwhile visit.

A fortress from Qajar era stands nearby. Built to protect people and store grains at the time, the castle contains 2 watchtowers and platforms for snipers and shooters.

High season includes spring,  especially May, and autumn.

The Bafgh hotels and furnished inns offer accommodation for tourists.

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