Kamal Almulk Tomb

August 19, 2019

The mausoleum of the renowned Iranian artist, Muhammad Ghafari, with its astonishing design is a nice historic magnet in Nishapur.  Born in Kashan, he spent his last years in the city. The skilled painter left some 170 works of painting during his blossoming life. Naser Aldin Shah, the king of the time, aptly called him Kamal Almuk after the creation of breathtaking piece of art named Talar-e Ayeneh. 

The beautifully ornate tomb stands near Attar of Nishapur’s, who is a dignified Iranian poet.  Located north of Atter’s burial place, the building is 28 square meters. As you step into the charming garden, you see the relatively similar buildings.

Designed by the great artist and architect, Hushang Sihun, their architecture resembles Avicenna and Khayyam’s, built by the same artist. He planned Kamal’s building in 1958 and applied geometrical figures in his exquisite work. Moaraq, a genuine artistic art in which pieces of colored tiles are laid next to each other, is seen all around the tomb. The complimentary tiles are azure blue and white. 

A combination of traditional and modern arts, the symbolic monument boasts eye-catching arches mixed with impressively ornate geometric tiling. 

The granite tombstone,  40 cm high, holds Kamal Almuk’ s profile on a stone tablet; it is created by the prominent artist, Abulhassan Sedighi who was one of his own students. 

The estate has a lot to offer: after visiting the tombs of Kamal Almuk and Attar, you can stroll around to explore the gorgeous garden. Spring visits are recommended because of nice weather and beautiful flowers. 

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