Kal Namak Cave

January 19, 2019

As you go far away from Tabas and approach Mohammadabad Country, you step into a region beautified in a white dress of salt crystals. Arranged exotically next to each other, the crystals draw attraction lovers like a gorgeous painting.

As for the name, KAL is a term for a valley or a path from floods or water streams.

Whatever you witness here goes back to the fourth geologic period.

The permanent salt river has built up a salt mine on the edge of the seasonal lake of Tabas. The salt here was extracted for household consumption. Nowadays for hygiene matters, it has to be refined first.

Extreme salt concentration in seasonal rivers and high evaporation in deserts are combined to create such a scene. Plenty of minerals are carried by waters; they interestingly generate sodium chloride with the same formula in kitchen salt.

As a result of high evaporation, the generated salt grows solid and crystallized.

Formation of huge and little crystals of salt, sometimes entirely sodium chloride, depends on the pace of evaporation. The slower the evaporation, the huger the crystals. If the whole area is damaged due to floods, crystals will be built up again next summer when heat and evaporation are utmost high.

Best time for travel might be in cold seasons; rather than summertime when the heat in desert might be really troublesome. But make sure to check weather conditions: you might not have a chance to visit the place if it’s showery.

The eye-catching manifestation of nature stretches in a broad patch of land and the peace here is exemplary.

The salt river in the Middle of Tabas deserts blows minds of visitors; they spontaneously bring out their camera and record some of the beauties winking at them. It’s a rare experience which might not ever happen to you again. So enjoy some shots.

In Tabas, there is appropriate accommodation.

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