Javaher Deh

September 13, 2018

A world-recognized village, Javaher Deh lies roughly 26 km from Ramsar County. Formerly known as Geordeh or Goerdy, the UNESCO World Heritage Site with its pleasant climate is a popular haunt for sightseers in spring and summertime. The name stems from the fact that locals buried the dead with Javaher, gold jewelry in Persian.

The well-liked village has almost no permanent dwellers other than proprietors of residential complexes, and restaurants owners who provide tourists with high-quality services.

The road to the village offers spectacular landscapes of forests and abundant waterfalls.

Thanks to the existence of a collection of mineral springs in the district and surrounding areas, a mineral water plant has been set up nearby.

The touristic village has a lot to offer: from its artifacts made by locals to agricultural produces they all make it for a worthwhile visit.

Exquisite handicrafts, felting and metal objects made by blacksmiths are among the mostly purchased things. Fruits are of high-quality too among which are wild plums, walnuts, sour apples, and hazelnuts.

Dairy products are also popular: yogurt, Doogh, butter, cheese and fine honey are well sold in the region.

And the best part of the village is now unfolding for you: the neighboring Qu Lake glitters like a gem in the green lands. Boating is a must-do here. Covered wooden tables around the lake has made it more charming. The picturesque view of the lake amid trees galore is worth some snapshots.

You can take your pleasure so far as to explore the areas beyond the lake. Nearby surrounding mountains are a nice option to try as well; and that’s why mountain climbers adore the place.

Feel free to discover the lovely village and the beauties around on your own. You will find lots of camping sites as well. With all this, I can just say: Bon voyage everybody!

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