Iron Age Museum

September 13, 2018

Among the most prominent museums in the well-liked Azeri city of Tabriz, the museum of Iron Age stands a top historic site, developed in the last couple of years.

Measuring a length of 276 m and width of 102 m, the site was explored in the northeast of Kabood Mosque in 1997. Through excavations, skeletons and objects like red pottery and metal items were unearthed.

During demanding digging processes, 38 graves were explored; among them were 2 skeletons from a man and woman with their burned objects as well as scattered pieces which date back to the Iron Age.

The amazing museum is home to people of 4000 years of age along with their things.

An interesting thing about the exploration is that the graves of kids were square-shaped with usually two pottery objects. Most skeletons are of young age people.

Another fascinating thing is that kids have been buried with their simple toys, women with jewelry, and men with their weapons. Bodies have been buried in different directions which suggest people of the age worshiped god Mithras (believing Mithraism). Bodies buried before noon, were directed at east and those buried in the afternoon, were pointing to the west.

Given the fragility of the objects, it was necessary to protect them right in the site to avoid any potential damage. Therefore, a building was built right in their old setting to put the ancient objects on expose in 2006.

The historically precious museum in the world with its exhibits from the Iron Age, the first millennium BC. is a worthwhile visit especially with the neighboring Kabood mosque and Azerbaijan Museum.

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