Iranian Art Museum Garden

April 21, 2019

Opened  up  only in recent years,  Iranian Art Museum and Garden in Elahiye, north  of  Tehran’s   metropolis, is  among  top  see   attractions.

At 1   hectare,   the   park   land   boasts   the   typical architecture  of   the   overthrown   Pahlavi   era   i s   seen   here.   Dating   back   87  years,   the   museum   garden   offers a   delightful atmosphere   where   you  can  view  Iran’s   evolutionary   history .  Small-sized replicas  of  Iran’s  works   of  architecture   capture   the   tourists’ imagination   and   portray   the   authentic iconic   structures.   Among   them   are   symbolic Azadi   Tower,   Fin-e   Kashan,   Milad   Tower,  33   pol,  Tomb of Daniel,   Hasht  Behesht,  Gonbad- e  Kabous, Shams Alemareh  and   Chehel   Sotoun.

There are workshops held by masters of arts, poetry, calligraphy and painting, as well as photography, addressing Iran’s genuine arts and their progression.  Here you learn a lot about Iran’s fruitful past to the promising future. Those interested have the opportunity to take part in workshops and get  art certificates. Foreign travelers can simply visit the garden and enjoy the admiring mix of nature and art here.

Tourists can pay visits to an array of arts booths offering elegant handicrafts and jewelry, delicate pottery, as well as indigenous plants. You can also buy art books from the book store.

The beautifully-built historic landmarks have been carried out by skilled contemporary Iranian artists.

The classical coffee shop offers visitors  some refreshments in a fascinatingly-designed place. Also there‘s a restaurant serveing persian cuisine; don‘t miss out on the delectable dishes of Iran’s culinary.

Best visit times are from spring through autumn.

Photography is allowed.

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