Hotel Kourosh in Yazd

May 10, 2018

Hotel Cyrus Chalus is the largest hotel of three stars in terms of its size, located in the green and tourist zone of northern Iran. This hotel was founded in 1354 by Mr. Hassan Ansari. The management of Hotel Cyrus Chalus is relying on the fact that always one of the main factors in travel is the local choice of accommodation, while respecting the rights of guests, has provided a lot of security, comfort and welfare to your loved ones. Considering the ancient Iranian originality of the hospitality medieval Iran, it has been able to achieve this very well and attract the satisfaction of our memories during their stay in the tourist and coastal city of Chalous . Hotel Cyrus Chalous has a desirable title among the most sought after hotels in northern Iran, due to its desirable, high quality and standard of living in different parts of the country . This hotel has an area of over 30,000 Square meters and in two phases It has been constructed and includes various sections, including traditional outdoor canopies in the vicinity of outdoor swimming pools, sports facilities such as billiards, indoor pool, saunas and jacuzzi, massage and SPA salons, fast food, Iranian and foreign restaurants, open air cafes and Indoor Coffee Shop, Clothing and Chocolate Shop, Bank, as well as having over 80 units in the Suites, Double and Single Types, are always welcome to your distinguished guests to provide pleasant and enjoyable hours. Having diverse restaurants and coffee shops, with eye-catching architecture and enjoying luxurious, luxurious spaces along with various Iranian menus, and for a variety of tastes and flavors, it is another respect for the choice of our beloved guests . The venues of the ceremonies of this hotel are always ready to create an unrivaled and well-decorated décor Happy moments for guests and invitees.

Address: Chalous. 2 Chalous Boulevard to Noshahr

Phone Call: 16-52229912 (11) 98+

E-mail: info [at]

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