Hafez Hotel in Tehran

May 10, 2018

Hafez Hotel is a two star hotel located in the center of Tehran city, where it is in close distance to many tourist attractions such as museums, towers, parks the subway system and the main bus routes. We have been there for our customers for more than 3 decades, trying to gain more trust and satisfaction from our guests coming from around the world.
Hafez Hotel is best known for its great prices compared to other nearby hotels, good services, and great location in the center of the beautiful Tehran city.

Transportion, translators, Around-Tehran-Tours or even Around-Iran-Tours are provided by the professional and enthusiastic team of Hafez Hotel. We wish to provide you great quality time in the hotel and a great unforgettable memory of visiting Tehran.

Hafez Hotel consists of 32 rooms. All rooms include bathroom, free breakfast, free Wifi, and room service.

Phone: (021) – 66705331, 66709063

Email: [email protected]

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