Gorgan Craft Museum

July 1, 2019

Museums, a treasure reflecting cultural and historical identity of the nations, are always a favorite thing to many tourists who prefer to see lives of people in the past. Museums of different types are trove of arts showcasing history, culture, emotions, capabilities, talents and life style in old civilizations. Handicrafts museums are anthropologically important, a gateway to the lives of our ancestors. Sometimes even a peek into the museum will be enough to take you back to hundreds of years ago to learn a lot about the old settlements of which nothing is left, apart from scattered objects.

One of the must-visit museums in Golestan, under the Cultural Heritage Organization, handicraft museum displays ornate works of art in a cozy place.

At an area of 956 square meters, the museum is housed on Imam Khomeini Street. Owned by its former owner Amir Latifi in late Qajar era, it offers handicrafts of the region to history buffs.

The nationally-registered place, the museum’s building is quite fascinating; a symmetrical structure with all its windows and doors and typical materials of the region. Pots of colorful flowers are seen around the fountain in the paved yard, typical in old Iranian houses. At night, the museum is illuminated charmingly.

To revive the old-natured artworks, it presents over 76 indegionous and non-indigenous handicrafts and traditional arts by skillful artists from a variety of ethnic groups: Katooli, Turkmen, Sistani, Qezelbash, Baluch, Mazani, Tati, Qajari, Gorgani, etc. The museum characterizes old items excavated in the land,  looms, flowery vases, and wickerwork, among many others. Dummies part features the life style of the old residents of the region.

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