Gerit waterfall

September 13, 2018

The impressive waterfall, located in a village with the same name, flows 50 km from Khorramabad County in a stretch lined with dense tall oak trees, hawthorns and inter-twisted vines. A remarkable sightseeing attraction in Lorestan Province, the waterfall draws many families and visitors thanks to its pristine, intact scenery. With a height of 15 m and width of 17 m, the waterfall is accessible either by car or on foot.

Winding through the mountains and woodlands, the abundant waterfall runs in a stepped trace; you will notice it in 4 distinctive terraces.

Locally known as Haft Cheshmeh, literally seven springs, the waterfall is surrounded by dense vegetation and plants, as well as lovely flowers which make for a refreshing and delightful trip.

The region features cold, snowy winters and mild, cool springs and summers. You can view picturesque landscapes all year-round.

The waterfall is at its best in March and May. And considering, the way to access is not so tough you can reach there at almost no effort but you are recommended to visit there by some help from a guide to avoid getting lost.

The landscape is well worth a visit with friends or family and pitch tents in camping sites to spend a couple of relaxing hours. Even though there are no facilities, at the moment of composing, it is a huge miss if you leave it out. You are suggested to come prepared: you might need GPS gadget, water, food, appropriate clothing, and torch.

Way to access

Take the asphalted road from Khorramabad to Sepiddasht towards Tehran-Khorramabad railway station.

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