June 15, 2019

On your trip to Gilan, don’t miss Fooman, a heavenly place with all touristic attractions to satisfy sightseers and vacationers. Fooman, only 1 hour drive from the Caspian Sea, has a lot to offer. The tourist hub is a worthwhile getaway for capital dwellers and travelers from around the country. Foreign tourists will equally be mesmerized by the glamour and charm of the verdant forests and gardens and abundant waterfalls.

The old town, dating back to 2500 -3000 years ago, well reflects the history with its buildings and towers. Fooman, literally,  means the scholars sanctuary; and is indeed the hometown for many scholars and poets.

The streets of the town are decorated with beautiful statues. The statues town presents historic and cultural landmarks, the most amazing is Ghale Rood Khan which is a must-see. It’s an old castle on top of a high hill. Climb up lots of steps to adore the extraordinary fortress and the amazing view. Foosheh is a marvelous village and is famed for its interesting cave. The spa of Ali Zakhooni is another nice place to soak up in the beauties. Zoodel Sar and Andre are other must tries.

One of the top destinations in the country, the captivating town catches tourists imagination thanks to its alluring landscapes and wildlife with the backdrop of mighty mountains and green hills. The weather is cool especially from early spring to mid summer. Fall offers amazing beauties for honeymooners. The roads are adorned in colorful gardens; you will enjoy your journey through the splendid roads. The foliage is adorable for leaf peepers.

Souvenirs stalls offer priceless handicrafts including wicker baskets and mats, hand-woven shawls,  and woolen clothes. On its bustling open markets fresh produces are offered : tea, rice, pickled garlic, green-leaf vegetables, fresh fish and many more.

Local delicacy is a huge draw in itself. Mouthwatering dishes involve Torshi Tareh, Mirza Ghasemi, Kabab Torsh, Vavishka, Anarbij, and Baghla Ghatogh among others. Try Gilanis delicacy in traditional eateries in a nostalgic atmosphere or modern, avant-garde restaurants.

A must take away is hearty walnut-filled cookies. Yum yum!

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