April 13, 2019

A fabulous retreat for Tehrani vacationers, the town of Firouzkooh, 143 km from Tehran is a huge draw for nature adventurers. The road to Firouzkooh is one of the oldest, preceded by Kandovan and Haraz roads. Yet the old site unwraps a gorgeous package in front of viewers’ eyes. Orchards are abundant here. Apples, plums, and apricots gardens are plentiful.

It is bitterly cold in winter and mild and cool in summer ( the lowest temperature minus 10, the highest 34 degrees Celsius).

Firouzkooh boasts a lot of things that each are interesting enough to pull sightseers. So if you are not in a rush, take time to explore what it has to offer.

Tangeh Vashi perhaps comes first when it comes to attractive places in Firouzkooh. Walking along a winding river surrounded by robust mountain is a joyful experience. Here you can view one of the triple inscriptions from Qajar. The trail to Tangeh Vashi is quite admiring: lush fields of wheat and gardens, and crystalline streams fascinate trekkers.

Another place not to be missed is Khomdeh mineral spring. 5 km on Firouzkooh-Zarin Dasht road, the walled spring is loved by tourists who desire cool wet places. Diving and swimming are fun to do. Apart from the enjoyment of bathing, the spring has therapeutic features which relieve joints pains and kidney discomfort as well as skin diseases.

Another alluring tourist destination is Lazoor Village. 45 km northwest of Firouzkooh, the untouched beauty here astonishes you. The river through the lovely village is abundant even in summer and this means the region is dotted with bountiful gardens and meadows. A delightful option for hikers, the place is also good for having picnics in nature while adoring the surrounding scenic landscape. Don’t miss out on trout grilled dishes here. Trout is raised in fish farms here. Grill them on open fire and sample the delectable fish.

Mishineh Marg, also called Chahar Mahal by some, is another must see. Waiting to be explored, it is a place for risky adventure seekers. If you are into traveling on foot, you will enjoy your trek here. But be careful as the trail to the peak is quite dangerous. The waters here are said to be toxic; birds die after drinking.

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