Fath Abad Garden

April 6, 2019

Kerman, home to spectacular scenery and historic attractions, is a must-see for visitors to Iran. Among top attractions in the city is Fathabad Garden, also known as Bigler Beigi its owner, which fascinates vacationers and wayfarers. The donated heritage site is now under the supervision of Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization.  

The hugely-flourishing garden in the past was an inspiring pattern for the world-known Shahzadeh Mahan Building. Dating back to the Qajar era, the garden along with its gorgeous mansion was restored. The recently-top tourist destination in Kerman, it was frequently visited by vacationers in 1396 (solar calendar), March 20- April 5, 2017.

At an area of 13 hectares, the building surrounded by pasture and gardens represents the Iranian and European architecture styles.

The edifice greets visitors with its eye-catching design and landscapes. The front rectangular pool, 60 by 6 m, finely reflects the image of the building on abundant waters, a scene for professional photographers. Located at the northernmost of the garden, the two-storey white building marvels visitors with its matchless structure; the beautifully-designed arches and rooms.

Inside you will view fine plaster works carried out by proficient masters. Rooms are designed in outstanding patterns and fine lighting. Over the the entrance, you will see circular holes where convex magnifiers were installed to reflect the light. On top of the entrance, there’s an inscription in Nastaliq, an Arabic form of calligraphy, which reads &in the name of God the compassionate, the merciful&. The building offers a museum with biographical pictures of the old governors of Kerman. It also features a painting room with marvelous  murals.   

The building hosts some guests in different happy occasions and viewers come to admire Iranian arts and crafts. Of note is a great place for cultivating diverse herbs, established in the last few years to offer high-quality native herbs. You can purchase medicinal plants here for home remedies .

The tea house is another must-see place. Make sure to taste Kermani ice creams and Falloodeh. Herbal teas (25 types) and delicious spicy cakes are also served here. First-timers will try them free of charge!

In handicrafts booths you will find numerous exotic artifacts for your family and beloved ones.  

You should experience a whole day to explore the beauties of the garden. Nightly visits are rewarding: you will have a unique view of the building lit up with plentiful colorful lights.  

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