Falahahti Palace

February 11, 2019

Built at the command of Gholam Reza Khan Abu Ghaddareh, Ilam’s governor, in 1908, Falahati Palace is a top tourist destination in in Ilam Province.

Showcasing the typical Qajar-style architecture, the mansion, covering an area of 810 square meters, highlights amazing floral-motif stuccos and arched tops. The inner plan of the palace involves 2 rooms and 1 large hall, which face an iwan. Originally encompassed by gardens it offered a marvelous outlook.  It has now lost its genuine shape due to growing urban developments.

The pillars’ capitals are adorned in elegant Kufic designs. The plain rooms do not include special decorations, yet the arched ceilings of wooden beams and galvanized sheet-roofs are of note. Square-shaped bricks, carved stones, wood and plaster have been used in its construction. The floors paved with bricks have been restored by stone mosaic in parts.

In 2011, the palace’s function was changed and now as an agriculture museum, it exhibits historic items as well as husbandry advancement in 4 distinctive units: stone objects flints, hammers, obsidian etc. are displayed in the first unit, second relating to planting, cultivating and harvesting exposes the traditional agriculture methods and items used; the third and fourth are dedicated to medicinal herbs, lands records, crop yields and crops sealing, which was common among farmers and gardeners in the past. The national heritage site embraces tourists into farming and agriculture as well as architecture.

The museum’s open hours are during office hours; from 8 am to 4 pm.

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