March 11, 2019

A gorgeous village in the heart of deserts, 30 km east of central Yazd province, is a holiday resort for Iranian families. Yet the village has so much to offer that it will fascinate foreign visitors as well. Formerly named Farafar, the village boasts huge gardens and farms. It‘s mostly known for its green-house cultivation.

An old settlement, from the pre-islamic era, it is a heritage sight for history admirer. Yet, it offers things that will interest almost all tourists.

With your first step into the place, you will see eye-catching buildings, traveling you back in time to many years ago when people owned simple, unsophisticated houses. Walking over, you will notice shaded alleys, a retreat from the heat. Similar to all desert-built houses with windcatchers in Yazd, the buildings here involve this smart traditional architectural structure which is in fact a remarkable ventilation system.

Just stroll out and about to explore the ancient castle, reservoir, and old mosque. Breathe in and out the immaculate, intoxicating air, a huge miss in large cities. A promenade through the plain alleys and watching the unembelished yet gorgeous mud-brick houses will revive your soul.

Here you have chances of camping and exploring the unspoiled nature in many ways. Make sure to travel on tours to enjoy it big time. Opportunities like camel-back riding, and sipping over fire tea as well as enjoying local and international meals are perhaps most popular.

Go on safaris and enjoy your exciting expeditions. You can also try 4-wheeled motor vehicles and dune buggies.

Hospitable Yazdi residents have a lot to say about thier old village. Grand parents will readily share their stories with visitors. If there is an interpreter along, you will fall in love with the approachable, good-natured owners of the beauty spot.

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