Eynak Lagoon

September 13, 2018

One of the tourism highlights in Rasht, Gilan Province, Eynak Lagoon comes first among urban lagoons in the country. Bounded by Daneshjoo Park, in south, Shahid Eftekhari Boulevard, in north, Shohaday-e Gomnam intersection, in east, and farming lands, in west, the lagoon has long been a popular hub for many. It is named Eynak, glasses in Persian, as the aerial photographs show an image of the pond resembling glasses.

The fishing spot mainly contains carps, and kippers among others.

The massive lagoon, 2,630 m long and 120 m wide, comes second in the province in terms of its size. Of course, its proportions vary depending on the annual, seasonal and monthly precipitations. The waters also help to grow agriculture produces.

Perched in the track of migratory birds, the pond features a variety of interesting birds which make it a delightful scene when flocks of birds fly in different directions. If you are a professional photographer, you can shoot some gorgeous photos of flying birds over the pond.

Although vegetation has been damaged to some extent due to disorganized expansion of the city, the lagoon is still surrounded by plentiful plants, bushes and trees.

Across from the pond, east of the road, there is also a woodland, known as Bagh-e Salar, which is home to glaciers and a famous spring. It used to be a good source of water supply for the residents. Amid the woodland, you can spot a deep pit, where the snow was saved to be consumed in summertime.

With plenty of green lands and picturesque views of the lagoon, it’s a nice option for traveling.

You can also enjoy boating and fishing in the pond. Explore the quite land without getting tired of your wander.

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