Eram Amusement Park

September 13, 2018

Eram amusement park was founded by Rahim Ali Khorram, for whom the park was formerly named as Khorram Park, in early 1970s.

Laid out off Tehran-Karaj highway, the massive park, encompassing an area of over 72 hectares, is one of the largest parklands throughout the country.

Three Luna parks for adults and kids amuse visitors with 28 recreational equipment. Here in the park you can have lots of fun, excitement, and amusement; skating rink, kids waterslide, rollercoaster, 6-dimensional movie, electric automobiles, and sleighing are among the main entertaining devices in the park. If you are into water sports, the 9-hectare lake is awaiting you with activities like boating, cable skiing, kayaking and canoeing. Swimming pools have been designed for women and girls too.

The main highlights, apart from entertainment facilities, are food courts, coffee shops, and restaurants, serving authentic Persian dishes. Parking lot is also available. And Motorcyclists can get plenty of space for park.

What’s more, here in the park you can view the largest zoo in the capital city with over 85 animal species and take interesting photos. Almost 60 percent of the animals on show, including diverse mammals, reptiles, aquatics and birds, are from Iran and the rest are exported from other countries around the world.

A nice family resort, the park is a drawcard for many visitors who love to have fun in a lively ambience. With its unmatched options to try, it sounds a good place to hit.

Eram Park is open throughout the week; from 5 pm to midnight, Saturday to Wednesday, and from 10 am to midnight over the weekend.

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