Dizin Ski Resort

September 13, 2018

An internationally recognized ski resort, Dizin is a popular hub for countless tourists and ski lovers. Housed in the north of the capital city, on the slopes of the mighty Alborz Mountain, 123 km from Chaloos and 71 km from Shemshak, Dizin is loved by many sports fans as well as mere sightseers.

With the lowest point of 2,650 m above sea level and the highest at 3,600 m, the seemingly non-idle resort is open to visit almost all year around; winter is a fantastic time for skiing on abundant snow of the slopes and summer is a favorite season for grass skiing.

Eager skiers and snowboarders flock to the snowcapped slopes in cold seasons and enjoy the intact beauty of white-colored mountains.

Also it is a well-known ski resort for ski competitors; it hosts international ski competitions thanks to its ample snowy lands.

Authorized by the International Ski Federation in 1994, the grass ski resort for summertime was also developed. Each year, international grass ski competitions are held in the region.  In addition, there are opportunities for mountain biking, archery, and hang gliding. In spring and summer the slopes and hills are wonderfully filled with lovely plants and flowers, making it a worthwhile place to visit. With its well-organized surface lifts, chairlifts, and gondolas, you can enjoy your journey at its highest level.

The greatest ski resort in the Middle East is a fascinating haunt for ski leaners as well; here the professional and amateur skiers of any age come together to soak up the wonders of nature and have lots of fun together.

The technically equipped resort also boasts accommodations for floods of travelers with hotels, arrays of cottages, and chain of restaurants.

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