September 13, 2018

Everyone has his own type of entertainment; some would like to watch a movie, some go out to try a new dish, some opt for a couple of hours in a football stadium, and some would rather a live concert. Whatever it is, the pleasure is all yours.

As a trip lover, I get plenty of enjoyment and delight from my short journeys. And if I ever get a chance to do it with my family, I will overindulge and take pleasure in togetherness, which is, frankly speaking, missing in our modern fast-paced life style.

Here I’m going to take you to a showpiece in the bustling capital city through a virtual trip!

Tehranis love going to Darband, a meandering land trail, 1700 m high above sea level, over the weekend. It is a good option for trekking, which seems the main attraction for early bird hikers to explore the lands before it gets so packed.

An affordable trip for Tehran’s dwellers and eager sightseers, it is a top tourist destination for many families who enjoy their picnic in dynamic ambience, and spend a joyful day after a hectic working week.

Here you can see people of any age; from the highly-spirited elderly to playful kids, everyone is having lots of fun. The interesting thing is that here you can find people of all social classes; which shows its huge popularity. With its abundant trees and mountains backdrops, you can come across lots of picturesque scenes to photograph.

The iconic statue of a man with his backpack on his shoulders and a stick in his hand standing on Sarband Square was made by Reza Lael Riyahi, the Iranian artist and sculptor in 1963. It well describes the most fascinating part of the trip: hiking and mount climbing.

Alongside the square, there is a chairlift to move visitors while enjoying the perfect view over the terrain. Round-trip tickets are IR 60,000.

And if you are fond of trekking in a winding trail crammed to the brim with restaurants, eateries, and teahouses, it is a perfect place to give it a try and admire the view of the abundant streams in a steep land. You might have to go through pieces of wet rocks rising from streams’ path, which is a fun struggle. But watch out to take firm steps to avoid falling off.

Over the weekend and on holidays, the resort is full of mouth-watering smells of kebabs and barbecued chicken as families and couples have picnics to cap off their pleasure of the trip.

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