April 21, 2019

If you are looking for a fascinating yet exciting journey in the capital city, one must-see option might be Darakeh. A favorite spot for Tehrani families and sightseers, it is often crowded over holidays and on weekends.  However, it’s no good reason to evade  a joyful experience.

Spreading on the foothill north of Tehran, it has lots of things to enjoy here. So backpack to have a wonderful time in nature.

Darakeh, the old helmet standing on the slopes, boasts a river and abundant gardens of cherries, plums, and pomegranates.

Apart from popular refreshing activities like trekking, climbing and simply wandering, the resort presents charming natural attractions: the old-structured alleys lined with lush trees provide you with spectacular views. The houses on either side of the river with their plain yet impressive appearances attract photographers. The trail is one of the most picturesque in the city.

On your path uphill, you will come across a handful of restaurants and coffee shops as well as tea houses. They offer a variety of authentic foods and beverages catering for almost all tastes. Near the noon, the smell of tongue-tickling grilled kebabs tempts you to go to the closest eatery to try out the rich, savory, yet healthy Persian cuisine. No matter the season, kebabs are always served here. You will find it hard to close your eyes and pass by Kebabis.

Street peddlers offer you some edibles from hearty snacks to junk foods. And of course, it‘s up to you to choose! You can also see venders selling exquisite and colorful handicrafts, nice takeaways for foreign tourists.

The locals here offer their fresh produce: from sour cherries and sweet blackberries to rhubarbs and other green vegetables. Stop by the fruits stalls where mouth-watering, appetizing sweet-sour fruit leathers, soaked nuts, and fresh juices are offered. Gourmets will, unquestionably, remember the place for good!

Atop the hills you will experience a marvelous scene worth your struggle. Fill up your lungs with clean, cool air here, a great miss in large cities.

On dry days, tourists can settle along the river bank. Most families love picnics near the streams of waters. Enjoy your barbecue in the vivid atmosphere while admiring the pleasing bubbling waters.

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