May 9, 2019

A Place in north of the capital city, Darabad, is a must-see for Tehran visitors. Boasting a gorgeous coastal park in a quiet and pleasant region, it is a fun place for tourists and sightseers alike. Apart from it, there is a wildlife museum, displaying taxidermied  animals to the public. Once a resort for the king Mozaffar Aldin Shah suffering from asthma, it enjoys the  clear cool weather.

Darabad, formerly a cozy village, features a river which waters the surrounding gardens and fields. The postal card beauty spot is often visited by city dwellers especially from mid-spring through late summer. Families often shelter in the north to have picnics in the nature and enjoy a day of togetherness. So if you hit the place on holidays and over the weekends you will see the crowds. If the calm is your preference, keep it in mind.

The climbing and hiking trails, although arduous in places, offer charming views of the valleys and hills covered in abundant vegetation. Tall plane and willow trees have created a delightful atmosphere.

Paved ways and covered tables are seen around in its park. On the huge footbridge on the river you will have a panoramic view. The iconic entrance exhibits an egg-shaped arch, inspired by Iranian elegant architecture often seen in old buildings.

Here you will see a chain of cool restaurants and cafe’s. Make sure to sample authentic Tehrani dishes in comfy eateries and restaurants. Kebab is always a favorite when it comes to Persian foods, and it is served almost everywhere you go.

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