Cheshmeh Mishi

September 13, 2018

A nice tourist attraction, Cheshmeh Mishi lies 4 km northeast of Sisakht City, in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, and is one of the coolest and most abundant springs in Zagros Mountain. Also known as Cheshmeh Besho, it flows on the west borders of Dena’s protected area.

Interestingly, the enchanting spring has been stated in our local myths too; legends have it that Kaykhosrow washed his body in the spring and relaxed in a cave after a decree by Ahura Mazda.

Rushing in a valley, the spring offers a marvelous view of the surrounding huge rocks and profuse gardens. Lots of snapshots in the visual magnet with the often snow-capped backdrop will always be inspiring to make you reminisce about your great memories in the wondrous nature.

The spring feeds the apples and walnuts orchards as well as vineyards on its way and supplies drinking water for Sisakht dwellers and neighboring areas. Waters here are so cold you might somehow feel numb even after a few minutes of touching water.

The permanent spring flows on a long, steep, narrow valley and the white currents of water embellish the district like chains of pearls.  On the north of your trail, you will be impressed by overwhelming Dena Mountain and on the south, lush slopes are seen.

It offers enjoyable options for hiking and climbing: hikers and rock climbers find it hard to resist their strong temptation to have a memorable struggle.

The spring is visited by crowds of sightseers all year-round; however, the best times are in spring and summer. In winter, it might be too cold and dangerous to have a joyful trip. So first check out weather forecasts in this season.

Nearby, there are facilities like cafes and groceries. You can find camping sites as well and experience a laid-back journey away from today’s bustling cities.

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