Chema Cave

January 18, 2019

The ice cave named Chema is located nearby a country, 25 km from Chelgard in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiyari province.

Across from an impressive field lies the cave resembling a huge gorge filled with ice and snowflakes. The snow height reaches 50 m in some areas.

The cave coated with eye-catching icicles is a popular destination for mountain climbers and ice climbers.

One of the wonders of the province, the ice cave is abundant with masses of snow and is a must-see place in winter and wet days.

Nestled in a valley, it seems to always contain snow.

The ice layers are very thin and quite dangerous over warm, low water seasons and therefore should be avoided. Amazingly, it is quite cold even in warm seasons. So appropriate clothing please!

Underneath the ice cave flows a spring, cool and crystal-clear, a great water resource for the province. It pours into Koohrang Dam.

On your trip to the place, don’t miss photographing. You might take some outstanding views with your camera. The best can be taken when you step right into the cave and are amazed at the beauty hidden in the dark.

Remember to take appropriate shoes. And watch your steps when walking through or you might fall off and hurt yourself.

A wander around the natural masterpiece, created over many years, is completed with an exciting hike around to explore the place.

If the weather lets you, you can have a camping experience as well. Hospitable residents will find it amazing to help you out and offer you their favorite cuisine. As you might know,  Kebab-e Bakhtiyari is a specialty in this region which should n’t be missed.

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