Chapel of Dzordzor

April 6, 2019

The UNESCO-listed church offers fantastic scenery surrounded by spectacular natural attractions. The unsophisticated yet impressive holy place, it is also on Iran’s National Heritage list as well.

Moved to its new location, it is now in the proximity of the touristic city of Maku, and close to a village named Baroon. The historic worshiping sanctuary features peacefulness and serenity.

Nestled on a valley home to the glassy river of Zangi Maar, it is a place to unfold the mysterious stories of Christian history. Also named Saint Mary Church,  it was built by the Thaddeus Church’s archbishop, Zechariah, and turned to a center for learning religious and cultural concepts.

The small-cross stippled construction contains skillfully-carved stones in its exterior and interior. Placed organizedly one above another, they are stuck together by non-noticeable mortar. It beautifully represents the crafts of its proficient builders. The square-shaped church room has 4 by 4 m dimensions with a height of almost 7 m.

The only entrance is through the western side where a metal door, depicted in Armenian words and portrayal of a cross, directs you to the inside space. The building boasts 4 arches with 4 small holes drilled to catch the light.

There is a 16-sided dome atop the building,  containing holes to let the light through.

Christian as well as non-Christian tourists will adore the locality of the church amid the beautiful nature, near a river with a background of mighty hills around. Postcard views encourage tourists to stroll along the river or do relaxing hiking.

The skies are usually clear at night for stargazing.

Due to its strategic border location, the visits have to be arranged first. Team visits are available with an authorization from Maku’s Cultural Heritage Department.

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