Chaleshtor Castle

May 9, 2018

The royal Chaleshtor Castle, once headquarters for Chaharmahali governors in the Safavid era, is a striking attraction in Bakhtiaris’ land. A masterpiece of Iran’s architecture, the castle complex was built in a region named Chaleshtor, 5 km from Shahr-e Kord, in 1905, in the Qajar era. It was originally home to Ahmad Khan and Mahmud Khan Chaleshtori.

The historic compound of the castle includes a stone entrance, Khan Neshin, Andaruni (private quarters), Hammam (public bathhouse), warehouse and stables.

Built in 2 sections, the building covers an area of almost 12,000 square meters. With 5 iwans, 5 inner rooms, and 40 pillars, altogether, it is a genuine exhibit of Iran’s rich architecture.

Displaying great artistic works by skilled craftsmen, the monument is beautified by mythical and legendary images: flowers and intertwined plants, flowers and chickens, as well as angels. The most outstanding images relate to the romance-themed stories of Yusuf and Zulikha and Leili and Majnoon, along with the holy verses of Quran. The rooms of the castle compound exhibit the superior wall designs influenced by western and Persian art. Apart from outstanding stuccos, proficiently-engraved designs are seen in places. Andaruni (private quarters) is linked to Khan Neshin with a narrow corridor. Its iwan holds 10 stone pillars. The entrance is also highlighted with sturdy lion shapes. Two oval-shaped stone pools are seen in the courtyard as well.  The Hammam is bedecked with eye-catching turquoise and white tiles. The inner ceiling is framed in walnut wood and doors and windows are also of walnut and designed in strapwork.

Restored by expert architects, the mansion is open to visitors during the week from 7 am to 5 pm. But check before your visit as the hours might differ.

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