Carpet Museum of Iran

September 13, 2018

Prestigious Persian carpets are admired almost everywhere in the world. Iran’s elegant carpets and rugs do not need any advertisements as they illustrate the creative arts of Iranians in an impressive way. No one has ever visited the country without praising Iran’s traditional treasure immediately. The invaluable carpets with eye-catching motifs never fail to captivate visitors’ attention.

Iran’s Carpet Museum, set up in 1978, is housed in the metropolitan city of Tehran, northwest of Laleh Park. With an area of 3,400 square meters, the 2-storey museum exhibits some exquisite carpets, all woven by artist Iranians.

The museum, designed by Abdolaziz Farmanfarmaiyan, presents a unique architecture for precious Iranian carpets; the exterior of the building amazingly depicts the carpet loom.

The ground floor exposes 150 pieces of carpets and the first floor holds seasonal carpets exhibits.

Here in the museum Persian carpet fans can see an assortment of Kilims and delicate hand-woven carpets they can find nowhere; high-quality of products, unparalleled designs, texture and weave are attractive to visitors.

The culturally enriched museum also showcases old carpets from 9th century AH through current times. A research hub for art lovers and researchers, the museum features impeccable carpets from the cities like Kashan, Kerman, Isfahan, Tabriz, Khorasan and Kurdistan.

The museum also houses a wonderful library where about 3,500 volumes of books in Persian, Arabic, French, English and German are kept. Also the premier journals and papers are available which address Persian and oriental carpets and rugs. You can get Persian carpets-oriented books in the bookstore.

What’s more, visitors can watch films and slideshows on carpet weaving, kilims, and chic, fashionable Persian handicrafts in the museum hall.

It will be a huge regret to visit Tehran without seeing its carpet museum. Opening hours are 9 am to 6 pm, every day except on Mondays and on mourning holidays. At an affordable range, IR 25,000, you can pay a visit to the museum and enjoy the elegance of Persian arts.

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