August 10, 2019

Iran features mountains which have covered almost 55% of the land. Mountains are living ecosystems with a variety of flora and fauna. They also play a great role in waters circulation thanks to the existence of rivers and springs.

Binalud Mountain stretches northeast of Iran, north of Neyshabur (Nishapur) to be exact. Meaning a mountain separating 2 fields , Binalud divides 2 cities of Neyshabur and Mashhad.

Extending in Khorasan-e Razavi, it is also visited by pilgrims and Shiite devotees. 3 rivers flow in the mountain: Kaal Shur, Kashafrud, and Atrek. They essentially feed the gardens and farms.

Binalud holds several summits; Shirbaad, standing in a lovely village, is remarkable.

An area of 936,62 hectares, an expanse of land between Torqabe, Neyshabur and Chenaran, is conserved by the National Environment Organization.

The vegetation is outstanding: juniper trees and milk-vetch, and mugworts cover the mountain.

In valleys, too, wild willows, barberries and jonquils are seen. Rhubarbs are plentiful here and you might see farmers raising them in their land.

It is also a natural habitat for diverse species of animals like leopards, hyenas, jackals, Pallas’s cats,  rams, and boars.The high mountain is a natural home for birds like golden eagles, hawks, and partridges.

At 3,250 m, it offers cool opportunities for rock climbing and hiking. Atop the mountain, you will celebrate your conquest with a marvelous panoramic view. Caving and swimming are joyful activities to do here.

On tours to Neyshabur,  historic landmarks are visited, apart from exploring the gorgeous mountain. Monuments like Jameh Mosque, Attar and Khayyam mausoleums in Nishabur will complete your trip.

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