Astounding Kandovan Village

September 13, 2018

Sitting about 60 km southwest of Tabriz, Kandovan village is spread across the slopes of the mountain Soltan Daghi. The popular tourist destination, with its hotel built dramatically on rocks, is the main attraction throughout the city. The charming village is home to friendly, hospitable Azeri villagers who embrace visitors and sightseers generously with all they have; from home-made bread to delicious local foods and fresh fruits and drinks. Honey is the main product of the village, and everybody is recommended to take home.

The village has been inhabited for centuries now; the first assumed residents who explored the land used to live in the nearby village of Hilewar, 2 km away, and sheltered in Kandovan when the Mongols attacked them. Since the 7th century AH, they have gradually developed their houses on rocks. Some even believe that the amazing village dates from the pre-Islamic era.

In the heart of the high hills, as high as 40 m. in some cases, they have made buildings, stables, and storehouses, all carved beautifully in pyramid-shaped rocks. Currently containing 117 families, Kandovan is the only rock village in the world which is still inhabited.

In addition to the popularity of the village and its people, Kandovan also enjoys a nice mountainous climate—all making it a great tourism destination.

What’s more, the strikingly constructed hotel offers accommodation to interested travelers with its unique location amid strong rocks.

The picturesque scenery and marvelous view of the woods and high mountains will leave you in a world of enchantment and astonishment.

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