Arman Complex

September 13, 2018
Arman Complex
Arman Complex

The newly-expanded commercial, residential and recreational complex in Mashhad, Arman lies roughly 500 m from the holy shrine of Imam Reza PBUH. Bounded by Navvab St. in south, and Saffar Shahroodi Avenue in 3 remaining directions, the complex was launched in May 31, 2015.

The technically-built compound soon turned into a favorite hub for many tourists and pilgrims.

The building boasts a modern, futuristic design and displays an indoor nature-like atmosphere; huge rocks with waterfalls coming through, gardens and plants prove that modern architecture and nature can come together successfully and yet benefit those who visit such structures.

In addition to the visual attractions, it is a unique recreation center where coffee shops, kids playgrounds and adults entertainment are observed.

Among other highlights are the magnificent view of the pilgrim site, something which is almost rare in many constructions, and the proper lighting in the whole compound: skilled engineers and architects have done their best to create a bright, well-lit atmosphere, making it a must-see building. Proper heating system as well as good air conditioning system have made it a comfy, secure place.

The compound holds food courts and restaurants, offering a variety of delectable Iranian and international dishes, and caters for 1300 visitors daily.  With many options to choose, tourists will find their desired food comfortably; something that pleases their taste buds at its ultimate level.

The 13-story edifice includes 395 commercial units, 290 residential units, 3 lifts with panoramic views, a series of lifts, and huge smart parking lot.

In the shopping mall, you can find lots of options -as souvenir items- ranging from handicrafts, to dried nuts, household utensils, men and women clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes and hygiene articles, toys, gorgeous decorative items, exquisite Persian carpets, to digital gadgets, as well as shoes and bags.  Famous international brand names are: Adidas, Gucci, Nike, Calvin Klein, etc.

Moreover, there is a gallery where you can have memorable photos in an amazingly-built setting which represents Iran’s traditional life style.

Phone number: +98 05133230

Opening time: from 8 am through 11 pm

For more detailed information, please take a look at the complex’s website:

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