August 8, 2019

The marvelous mountain range in the East Azerbaijan,  Arasbaran is a hidden land boasting its untamed charm. With plenty of spectacular scenery and rich wildlife, it has the potential to draw journeyers and backpackers from Iran and around the world. The forested mountains hold peaks ; the most notable of which is Kamtal,  3,100 m in height. Also named as Qaradagh and Arasbâr, it is a top tourist attraction in the country, and a UNESCO registered biosphere reserve. Declared as the conserved area in 1971, the mighty mountains covered in vivid green is now a safe sanctuary for a variety of fauna. Animals involving foxes, wolves, bears, goats, leopards and jackals inhabit the lavish mountainous forests. Also it’s  a natural environment for birds like eagles, hawks, pheasants and partridges .

The Hyrcanian forests, much like the forests in the north,  hold lush vegetation and plants. The mountain characterizes plenteous plants and trees; horn-beams, walnuts, and oak trees are copious.  

Arasbaran is a natural magnificence with a treasured historical background. Don’t miss out on a visit to historic landmarks in the region including Babak Castle and old church and cemetery.

Nomads’ life is extraordinary: nothing is more invigorating than living in a lively ambient place and enjoying fresh food and air. The tourists will have the opportunity to get to know their old traditions and customs, a precious heritage surviving in the modern world.  Excursionists and adventurers will for sure remember the beauty of the place long they have left it. The steep land hidden in lines of dense trees will make it for an adventurous yet enjoyable journey.

The snow-capped mountains in cold seasons are most visited in spring and early summer when cool breeze touches the faces, reviving the souls. Mount climbing is a popular activity here. Guided explorations are recommended for non-professional tourists.  

Above all, make sure to visit the horse driving race (for men and women) which is held in spring and has lots of fans.

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