Amir Nezam House

September 13, 2018

A popular tourist destination, the two-storey Amir Nezam House, covers an area of 3,000 square meters. The building is divided into two interior and exterior courtyards and features a beautiful dense garden with fabulous fountains.

The historic edifice was founded by Amir Nezam Garoosi, the servant of Naser Aldin Shah Gahjar.

Located near the Maqbaratoshoara (the poets’ graveyard) in Tabriz city, the mansion was recorded as a national historic site in 1370, solar calendar, 1992.  It was taken over by the Cultural Heritage Organization and was, in due course, restored, preserving its distinctive architectural elements.

The beautiful museum now holds several halls: Coins Hall, China Hall, Abgine (glassware) Hall, Metals Hall, Music Hall, and Khatam Hall on the first floor.

On the top floor, you will see Stones Hall, Weapons’ Hall, Great Men and Commanders’ Hall, Architecture and Municipality Hall, Locks Hall, Lantern Hall, showcasing numerous precious objects and works from the Qajar history.

A visit to the second floor and you will be spontaneously impressed by colorful lattice windows, marvelous plaster and mirror works.

On your daytime visits you will be astonished by captivating light and colors game; the sunlight reflected from the glass windows creates an enchanting dreamy atmosphere you won’t ever want to miss. So keep in mind to make arrangements for day visits.

With the large fountain being the most impressive part of the structure, the amazing tract takes your breath away with your first step inside; 16 beautifully-built pillars and the eye-catching façade of the building will draw visitors’ attention right at first sight.

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