Alvares Ski Resort

September 13, 2018

Among the most splendid tourist attractions in Ardebil, Alvares ski resort, lying on the high slopes of gorgeous Sabalan Mountain, covers a huge area. At an elevation of 3,200 m. above sea level, the lands are blanketed in snow in cold seasons, making it a suited place for skiing. It is 12 km from a lovely village carrying the same name and 24 km from the renowned Sarien.

Launched in 2006, the ski resort offers snowboard and ski equipment, as well as a long chairlift, 1240 m. Due to reasonable amount of rain and snow fall in winter and autumn, the resort is packed with locals and tourists who come to enjoy snow sports and fall in love with the pristine nature in Alvares.  Armature travelers can also join the courses held to make them familiar with skiing and snowboarding.

The friendly village of Alvares, on the way to the resort, receives many ski and snow lovers as well as winter sports fans.

Formerly known as Alvarestan, a place crammed with sturdy trees and hardy timbers, the village had rich, enormous gardens of boxwood trees, willows and pines in the past when carpenters applied them to build houses. The region has partly preserved its lush fields; anemones, marshmallows, and milkvetches are seen in the stretches of fields especially in spring and summer. In these seasons, there are astounding scenery in the fields with abundant colorful flowers and lawns which present camping opportunities for sightseers.

Each year, many nature fans move from Sarein County, famed for its oodles of hot spas, to hit the road to Alvares, impressed by the winding trail through the valleys and striking views of the landscapes. Passing by Alvares village, the road gains high steep and reaches its utmost level in the vicinity of the resort. If you love strenuous climbing you will love your effort to gain elevation.

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