Alendan lake

May 12, 2019

Mazandaran in the north of Iran is undoubtedly on top of Iranians tourism list thanks to its alluring pristine beauties. So this might be true for foreign journeyers as well.  

65 km south of Sari, Alendan Village, a worthwhile natural example, rests in a beautiful region featuring a gorgeous lake with the same name.

The village also boasts compelling waterfalls in a captivating atmosphere apart from the appealing pool.

Villagers believe that the neighboring lake is a blessing for their cultivation. So perhaps that’s why the scene is always neat and tidy as they clear up the region diligently to cherish the gift.

A fabulous tourist attraction, the countryside never fails to draw the attention of sightseers. The azure-hued lake is surrounded by enchanting scenery. The 17-hectare waterhole might grow up to 30 hectares when rainfall is abundant. The ecosystem is a habitat for wild ducklings over winter and a haven for the fish, freed in waters only recently.

Around the lake, green is the most prevailing color; trees and bushes are sprung up amazingly, this means you are making it for a pleasant journey to the nature. Vacationers visit the place and have a fun time near the natural wonder. There are a couple of platforms to soak up in the beauties. Cross-lake boating is a fun activity for visitors. Having picnics and camping are also popular. A calm day near the pool is an unforgettable experience for tourists.  

Most preferred time to go is in early spring when spellbinding violets and fragrant colorful flowers cover the countryside. Herbs like borage are plentiful at this time.

The post-card view allows for nice photography so click and save the beauty.

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