Abyaneh Village

September 13, 2018

Housed on the slopes of Karkas Mountain, the old village opens itself up to eager sightseers from around the globe. Located 40 km northwest of Natanz, in Isfahan Province, one of the most exceptional villages throughout Iran offers a set of historic structures and monuments. The glamor of the Persian architecture in this splendid quarter has truly made it a popular tourist destination in the province. Boasting picturesque scenery and pleasant climate, Abyaneh is remarkably visited by many tourists throughout the year.

Once a summer spot for the Safavid kings and their families, the gorgeous village resembles popular Masooleh; the stepped piece of land, where the roofs of the houses below make up the front yards of the houses on top, displays amazing local architecture. The sash wooden windows overlook scenic narrow, dark alleys where you will enjoy your stroll around.

The exterior of the buildings are charmingly covered in red soil, extracted from a mine nearby. Storehouses and stables have been constructed in the hills near the village; cave-like structures are just noticeable through their short doors.

Here residents have preserved their old traditions and customs; even farming and gardening are carried out through old-fashioned methods.

Apart from the architecture, men and women’s clothing is also noteworthy; men wear loose pants and garments and women’s flowery clothes are outstandingly designed in vivid colors. They also wear white Charghad, a traditional scarf common in many old villages.

You can take either Kashan-Natanz road or Kashan-Isfahan Highway to pay a visit. But you are recommended to hit the former to experience a spectacular scene of the mountains and valleys dotted with lots of gorgeous gardens.

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