Nima Yushij’s House

February 22, 2019

Ali Esfandiyari, nicknamed as Nima Yushij, was a forerunner in Iran’s modern literature. As an influential contemporary poet, he managed to evolve the Persian poetry in many ways. During his fruitful life, he changed the routine regulations and restrictions in the Persian poetry and left many amazing inspiring works for generations to come. After his death, his body was moved to his hometown for burial.

His tomb in Yush is now a hub for Persian literature lovers. Enlisted as a national heritage site in 1996, it started its work as the Persian modern poetry’s father museum in 2009. The tomb building boasts typical Qajar architecture; the north part of the monument involves ornate sash windows. The bright rooms in either side hold wooden net doors. With 3 portals and alcoves, the memorial building boasts intricate eye-catching plaster and brick works. It went through restoration twice; one in 1991 and other in 1996.

Yush, an old village in Mazandaran Province, offers beautiful landscapes in a place where the old texture of houses, mud- brick and wood, are still retained although newly-built buildings are also growing. You can capture ample impressive landscapes in the area with dense plants and springs through the charming village. The Yush Village enjoys nice, delicate climate and is punctuated with lush gardens. Fruit trees like walnuts and cherries are abundant.

Apart from visiting the tomb of the famous poet, you can take pleasure from the vivid, striking ambience of the village and be warmly received by hospitable villagers.

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