Tangey-e Bostanak

February 13, 2019

5 km from Kamfiruz, a district in Marvdasht County, Fars Province, stretches a fertile land with patches of fields and mountains. Tangey-e Bostanak valley extends from east to west, occupied by enormous rocks on either side.

The stone bed of the valley is dominated by plane trees and lush plants. Here dense plants compete to get sun rays. The spectacular ecosystem is a habitat for freshwater fish and a winter destination for migratory birds. Among the vertebrate animals found here are brown bears, hyenas, wild cats, goats, hedgehogs, squirrels, long-tailed hamsters, rabbits, jackals, boars, ferrets, doves, partridges, and hunting birds. Yarrows, sagebrush, thyme, hawthorns, almonds, daphne flowers, and junipers are seen in abundance.

The route to the valley is perhaps best part so be sure to record many scenic landscapes along ; going through the alleyways in villages of Beyza and Kamfiruz, with their notable architecture, lined with trees and gardens is the beginning of your journey. Past by Dorudzan dam-lake encompassed by green oak trees, broad farms and fields, you will experience a heavenly journey alongside a winding river which goes on to the valley. The sedimentary limestone in the riverbed is part of the beauty of the site. The scene of lush algae and seaweeds on rocks is also beautiful. You can take a dip into waters and paddle or just stand by to praise the astonishing scenery. The route is perfect for hiking without noticing how much time and energy you spend!

Considering the signs on the road, you will have no problem reaching there. Maybe the main problem is finding a parking spot; especially at weekend when the touristic site is packed with families and couples.

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