February 13, 2019

Also named Allah Verdi Khan, the bridge is a masterwork from the Safavid era which stretches on the famed Zayandehrud River in Isfahan. Funded and observed by the renowned commander of Shah Abbas I, Allah Verdi Khan, Si-o-se-pol Bridge reaches 300 m in length and 14 m in width. It was originally constructed to connect Chahar Bagh St. to Bagh-e Hezar Jarib and Abbas Abad i.e. north to south. It was a gathering site for kingly water splashing ceremony in the past and dignitaries, poets, famous figures and ordinary people attended the event. Also Jolfa’s Armenians held their special rituals named Khaj Shuyan around.

The fully-brick-stone structure is a must-see in the city. The most popular bridge in the country, Si-o-se-pol, literally 33 bridges, contained 40 spans, 7 of which are now obstructed. The wonderfully-arched building sounds simplistic to many visitors but everyone will fall in love with its nice promenades.  Walking through in drizzly rain is a memorable thing.

The double-decked bridge offers two footways on top and bottom floors, where you can have a nice view of the surrounding place. It is possible to go through all arches and enjoy the landscape.

A location for many films in Iran, the bridge also presents opportunities for photographing as well; especially the sight of illuminated bridge is marvelous at night.

One nice thing here is to watch the birds flying over the river, a view which can be experienced on and around the bridge. The national heritage site draws local Isfahanis and all those who come to admire the architectural styles in a city dotted with magnificent monuments.

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