Sa’adabad Water Museum

February 13, 2019

A symbol of prosperity and life, water plays a vital role to maintain creatures’ existence on earth.  Now that global warming along with partial droughts are serious issues facing the world, we, human beings, are obliged to save it and preserve our lives as well as all creatures and living organisms whose being relies on this essential liquid.

Aimed at retaining legacy and customs of our ancestors, the water museum was officially launched in 1997. Housed southeast of Sa’edabad Palace, built in the Pahlavi II era, the evolving history of water and irrigation is exposed. Located in Vali Asr Street, Tehran metropolis, the specialized museum tries to make visitors familiar with the importance of water and how it helps us survive.

The informative museum presents development of our water systems in 2 major halls: one a collection of pottery containers and another enamel and metal vessels. With 4 halls displaying models of dams, water distribution channels, underground cisterns, watermills, and the like, the exhibit interests eager visitors.

As soon as you get into the hall, you can watch representations; then some films, video projections and slideshows, along with audio-visual sources are played which depict the hydraulic systems functions in detail. After that, you enter an exhibit where some related records and documents are portrayed.

In the main hall, some models from the old buildings are showcased alongside official audits for water distributors, deeds of endowment, qanats’ official papers, water measurement tools, as well as water engineering means. In the open space, you can view old vs modern water facilities and their operations.

Opening time: 9 am to 6, 5 pm (from spring to autumn) and 8 am to 5 pm (from autumn to spring).

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