Park-e Mashrouteh

February 13, 2019

Situated in Mashrooteh Boulevard, near Tabriz’s central terminus, Park-e Mashrouteh is visited by many travelers.
Developed in 2001, the 20-hectare park is an evening respite for Tabrizis where they settle down to experience a memorable time along with their families. Named for the progressive constitutionalists, the park boasts the statue of the legendary local constitution leader, Sattar Khan, sitting victoriously on horseback.
The popular park presents chances for promenading and relaxing in its camping sites and covered tables. Kids’ playground is also packed with playful children who look for real excitement in today’s digital world. Snapshots are suggested in the park beautified by ponds and gorgeous flowers. So be sure to have some clicks. There are stone paved routes for biking and walking. Girls and boys can enjoy their sport experiences here.
One nice thing about the park, which makes it a little more special, is holding educational classes and workshops for women free of charge. Medical consultation classes are also held for women to help them to promote the mental and physical health of their families. Although classes might be boring to international tourists, they still can pick up something from videos played. So not a bad idea to try.
Kids, too, can partake in specialized classes designed for them during summer holidays. In addition, there is a library for bookworms; you must be lucky to find interesting English books.
Mashrouteh ranks amongst the top in the Azeri city with over 200 parks. Spring and summer are preferred for visits.

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