Park-e Jamshidieh

May 12, 2018

What catches your eye when you arrive at one of the most popular parks in the north of the capital city is the stone pavements, a favorite promenade for couples and friends.

Jamshidiyeh boasts statues, seasonal exhibits, amphitheater, waterfalls, covered tables, soaring trees and lovely flowers. With many scenic landscapes throughout, it stands among the finest parklands in Tehran.

Restored twice, it was extended and an extra 16 hectares were added to the grounds. The park finely brings together the 2 elements of stone and plants, which give it a brand-new image in the eyes of visitors.

Apart from the unique beauty of the park, there are lots of fun things to try here:

Hiking and climbing come first on my list, as I am into these free sports. You can enjoy a great stroll around, especially if you come with appropriate shoes. It is an attraction for mountaineers who wish to climb Kolakchal and the heights of Tehran.

Having picnics is also a good option: there are covered tables throughout the park for family gatherings. Nothing is better than having a healthy meal in a refreshing place.

Popular with photographers for its many impressive landscapes, the park never fails to please selfie lovers. In the romantic setting of colorful flowers amid the heart of rocks and surrounding streams, you can click as many as you like. Depending on seasons, you can capture picturesque photos.

The local foods here are wonderful. Kurdi, Azeri, and Shomali cuisines are most notable. Eateries with traditional settings and benches facing the vivid park are filled with tourists who have gone through a laborious walk.

Here you can see 60 species of birds flying freely everywhere you turn your head. Listening to their birdsongs will be enjoyable. In the small pond within the park, you can see water birds and feed them.

If you keep on to the top, you will get a marvelous view of the metropolis and gain a brand-new image from the city at your feet.

You might be lucky enough to visit the park when art works are on exhibit there. And the handicrafts exhibit is one thing you shouldn’t miss.

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