Ocean Water Park

April 17, 2019

One of the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art theme parks in the gorgeous Kish island, the recreational resort is enjoyed by many funfair lovers.

The massive park (a 5.6 hectares) caters for 300,000 daily and entertains the visitors with some fun water activities.

A unique pleasure ground in the Middle East , the first themed water park in the country is located in a flight-forbidden region. With no surrounding high-rise buildings, it is a safe place for female Muslim tourists to visit. They can comfortably bathe and enjoy other fun things.

As for the theming, the amusement center portrays the story of a pirates throng who raid an island. Led by the captain Sayan, the pirates seize the Sun Castle to capture the Sun and occupy the sea. Three brothers, Poolad, Mahan, and Bashoo, who live in the castle, fight with the pirates to take it back.

Professionally designed by the Iranian award winner, Ahmad Jafari, a proficient architect in America, who has worked for Disney Company for years, the park has 17 rides in 3 categories :slow, quick and horrifying.

The beautifully-designed park features swimming pools ,and spa as well as massage centers. The lush greenery is also of note. You will be amazed at the fine structure of the garden. It also offers some world-class restaurants and coffee shops. Zambo Zimbo Restaurant provides tourists with hot and cold sandwiches, a nice snack option.

Chico, offers fast foods, salads, fried chicken, deserts and starters. Travelers can also have some drinks and refreshments in Fruitila, Noushak, Coffeesa, and Jetsemina booths. With shopping stalls, you will no doubt experience a fun day.

One interesting thing about the park is that tourists are given magnetic wrist bands right when they enter the place; so they don’t need to bring their wallets or bags. Deposit money in their bands help them do their shopping and pay for them comfortably. They can reclaim refunds just in case.

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