Neygah Valley

January 23, 2019

The well-known valley for mount climbers and professional nature lovers, Neygah unfolds brand-new scenes before your eyes; the waterfalls in the mountains backgrounds will draw tourists.

Neygah Valley in the West of Iran offers  great attractions to enthusiastic tourists.

The fauna and flora here is unique: fruit trees such as grapes, cherries, pears, walnuts, berries, figs and so on will be found on your journey. Everybody just adores the taste of wild fruits.

The rich wildlife is another attraction: among others, animals like bears, tigers, wild cats, foxes, wolves, and hogs are protected in a bordered quarter.

Here you will enjoy activities like hiking, camping, stars watching, photography and climbing:

-Audacious travelers will rejoice in their walks through the huge rocks.

-The sky dotted with shimmery stars will be a memorable experience.

Visitors set up their tents nearby the river and go through a fun time: fire-top-made tea and kebabs grilled on logs are other favorite parts of the trip.

Best recommended times are in the middle of spring, April and May when spectacular scenery awaits you. Mild weather during days allows camping opportunities. Nights might almost be cold at this time of the year, though.

Some tourists would prefer to go on tours in summer and explore the green lands.

Autumn, the colors’ genuine manifestation, creates a fabulous scene in the region. Mount climbers who love their adventure in autumn air will adore the site. Professional photographers will come across many charming views to record.

Winter is not recommended at all: the slippery path in cold snowy time of the year might be deterring.

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