Nain County

February 13, 2019

A 3000-year-old county, Nain is a tourist destination in the heart of famed Isfahan Province. According to some historic accounts, the name has been derived from the marshy ground plant, reeds, Ney in Persian. The desert land, 1580 m above sea level, was a favorite place for rulers in the 5th century AH.

Stay with me to take a glance at parts of the masonry beauties of the tourist attraction.

The old Masjed-e Jameh, still in use, boasts beautiful woodcarving, especially on its door and entrance. The frescos in mihrab are also remarkable and involve pretty floral and geometrical patterns besides gorgeous Kufic writings. The design of the building and minaret are interesting.

Khaney-e Pirniya or Pirniya House, now functioning as an anthropology museum, is opposite the Jameh Mosque. The national heritage site, left from the Safavid era, the building features delicate traditional artworks wherever you look. The most interesting thing here is to watch the stories depicted on painted walls; a series of stories from Haft Peikar by the great Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi are displayed.

Narin Qal’e lies nearby the Jameh Mosque and is a notable piece of architecture from the pre-Islamic era.

Nain’s bazaar is in the vicinity of Narin Qal’e, a commercial thoroughfare from an old age. Involving 170 shops, the national heritage site offers many things; among them beautiful hand-woven rugs, cloaks and medicinal herbs.

Considering all these are next to another, it sounds like a convenient journey as you can see a set of interesting buildings at a short time. If you are not pressed for time, you can go explore the city on your own!

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