Mesr Desert

March 22, 2019

Mesr village, in Isfahan province, is an absolute charm for desert admirers and tourists alike.

Stretching on a hot and dry land, the village has 120 residents, according to the latest census. Farming and husbandry is the main way for villagers income. Saffron and wheat are major produces of the place. The inhabitants will readily host tourists and amaze them with their tasty dishes garnished with saffron.

As for the namesake, it is called Mesr, Persian for Egypt. There are myths, the famous one is about a man named Joseph residing in the village many years ago. Facing drought he dug a deep well to get water, very similar to Joseph the prophet story. Ever since it was named Egypt, the land of Joseph.

The desert has lots to offer; from rambling around to driving off road jeeps. You will enjoy your bare foot walk across the soft smooth bank of drifted sand, an experience which will stick in your mind for a long time.

Herds of camels are seen across the desert lands. Camel riding is a fun thing to do on the golden sand dunes.

The most memorable part of your journey might be viewing the shimmering the skies above your head, a scene that is worth lots of stare and shots. Many photographers come here to click some eye-catching snapshots while enjoying the black, clear skies dotted with shiny stars.

The palm groves at north surround the sand piles. Lush cane reeds ring a spring, amazingly beautifying the place. The sand hills covered in rich bushes and palms have created  picturesque scenery.

45 km from Jandagh, it is accessible by personal cars. Yet, we recommend you to try Persian tours for wonderful accommodation and services.

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