Kalantar House

February 22, 2019

A Qajar-style house in Semnan, Kalantar House was formerly owned by Rajabi, a sheriff at the time, and his Family.

Setting foot inside, you notice a gorgeous central courtyard with a not-so-large garden. Traveling in time to hundreds of years ago when Qajar dynasty ruled over the country, you will praise the fine structure; the mansion reveals exquisiteness of Persian architecture. With a corridor, summer and winter rooms, as well as wind catcher, it is an exemplary building built consistent with climatic situation of the city.The most admirable part possibly is its high rooftop wind catcher.

The national heritage site has a premier architectural status on south, east and west and on north it sounds much simple and plain. Holding an underground cistern, guard house, stalls, maids’ chamber, reception rooms, as well as official rooms, the mud-brick edifice boasts sumptuous stuccos.

Almost recently some restorations and organizations have been carried out; involving replacing wooden beams of ceilings, reinstating all doors, and recovering the roof. The renewed mansion has now turned into a Sofreh Khaneh (traditional eatery) and international restaurant.

The non-luxuriant yet beautiful mansion amazes sightseers who would rather visiting an original place with novel and creative designs seen on every corner; from the small fountain amid the courtyard to potted colorful flowers and trees.

Iranian well-renowned cuisine has many eager fans around the world. What would be better than sampling toothsome Persian dishes in a friendly, vivid ambience? For those who go for international cookery, it will also be a joyous experience to have their meals in an authentic building.

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