Hasht Behesht

February 13, 2019

The octagonal mansion in Isfahan, a top tourist destination in Iran, Hasht Behesht is one of the magnificent palaces from late Safavid era. Perched in a broad garden, part of a huger garden in old days, the touristic edifice well represents the exquisiteness of Iran’s architecture; tilework here is remarkable portraying images of animals and birds. Persian for 8 paradises, Hasht Behesht offers distinctive sides. Standing 2 m above the ground level, the two-storey building holds stairs all sides connecting the bottom floor to the top.

The rooms on the first floor highlight delicate stuccos and paintings on 4 corners in contrast with the rooms on the second floor festooned with eye-catching inlays on doors and windows. Listed as a national heritage site, the well-proportioned pavilion’s ceilings are gorgeously decorated as well.

The building contains an 8-sided fine marble pond; it is designed beautifully and bubbles of water, like pearls beads, gush out of holes, creating an astonishing sight. Right in front of the building, there are fountains in a large blue-colored pond surrounded by flowers in parts.

Admired by famous travelers, the mansion underwent transformations in some ways during the Qajar dynasty. Once a residence for Qajar kings’ wives, it is now a well-travelled destination in popular Isfahan. The profusion of gardens and orchards enrich the prettiness of the mansion. Lots of scenic views are possible for photographing. The surrounding park is a respite from the hustle and bustle of today’s modern cities.

Night visits, to me, are awesome; with fine illuminations and the image of the structure reflected on the surface of waters you can have an exotic landscape in front of your eyes.

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